Numbness in my thumb and palm after distal radius fracture(smith’s fracture)?

Phonix Asked: Numbness in my thumb and palm after distal radius fracture(smith’s fracture)?

I broke my wrist in a bike(bicycle) accident on June 26th, and had it reduced at the ER that day. I broke both bones and displaced another bone in my hand. I had surgery on June 29th and the surgeon put a plate in with 11 pins, all in the radius. The surgery went well and 14 days after I was already using a removable splint. I started physical therapy about a week later and continued until the end of August. I have since moved back to the other side of the country for school and haven't had the chance to start PT out here yet. I still have numbness on the outside of my thumb and my lower palm and my wrist/hand has tightened up, especially in between my thumb and index fingers. Typing is pretty difficult and overall my wrist is a daily source of frustration. I plan on getting back into PT asap, but is there anything else I can do to help, especially for the numbness? Would acupuncture or any sort of Tui Na help? It was smith's fracture by the way.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

A few more details (not sure if they're relevant):
I was traveling downhill at about 35mph when I fell.
The back of my hand was the first point of contact with the road, then my knees, then my hip(bad road rash, went through every layer of skin).
I couldn't move my entire arm after the accident.
I was told if I'd hit my head I probably would have been in a coma, so I'm thankful it was just my wrist!


Kendra Smith Answered:
Well I'm glad u didn't hit your head 🙂 I can't really think of any other advice to tell you then to got to the pt ….. Can u answer my question? I also hurt my thumb but I didn't break anything… I just slightly tore some ligaments…. It was just a little over a month ago…. I have basketball on Wednesday should I get it taped by the trainer?

explodingpies Answered:
I'd definitely get back to the PT. The numbness can be from nerve damage… I'd also do a hot water soak (not so hot it burns) and it might loosen up your wrist/hand.

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